Cobras Lose To The Islanders

The Tacoma Cobras lose to the Pacifica Islanders from (CA) 32-0 in a hard hitting game. The Islander first drive was stopped by the Cobras defense. Islander try a field goal and missed. The Cobras give the Islanders two quick scores off of turnover by the Cobras offense on there side of the field. The Islanders did capitalize on a few broken plays which resulted in either a big plays or a  touchdown. The Cobras defense was on the field about 90% of the game. One bright spot for this game is Cobras beat there sack record of 4 in a game and new recorded most sacks in a game 8 (Jones, Hopoi, Stevens, Tuani, O. Othman and Palaita). But this was the Cobras first game in history being shut out. The Offense was off this game. Cobras couldn't move the ball and nothing was going right. The Cobras did have few bright spots with big runs by Nate "The Tank" Proctor.


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