Cobras Move to 1-0 in 2012


The Tacoma Cobras started their season with a bang, defeating the Palouse Thunder, 34-0. The good news? It’s only going to get better, according to coach Dave McEachern. “We have a lot to fix,” he said. “We’ll go back to practice on Tuesday and fix things.” Both teams looked shaky at first, with dropped passes, bobbled snaps and incorrect route running being the norm. By the end of the first quarter, however, the Cobras righted the ship with Nathaniel Proctor rumbling for the first touchdown (of many) for the game. Quarterback John Liska tossed another TD in the second quarter, and the rout was on.In the second half, Tacoma put QB Kenny Jackson in the game, and he added a different dimension, scoring as much with his legs as his arm. The Thunder never had an answer, as execution woes plagued them. The Cobras used an ample amount of blitzing, albeit nothing exotic other than a few stunts up the middle. Palouse recognized the pre-snap reads as they opted for screen passes to throw off the Cobras’ aggressive attack, but to no avail, as Justin Jordan, Darrion Jones and Co. were simply too quick. Next up for the Cobras is their home opener this Saturday (4/21), as they take on the Puget Sound Outlaws at 7 p.m.  


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