Cobras Start With Speed Jarrell “Phlea” Patterson PDFL MVP 2010

Life isn’t always a straight line.  At some point, you come to realize that there is a difference between walking the path and knowing the path.  For Jarrell “The Phlea” Patterson (WR), coming back to the Seattle-Tacoma Cobras for the 2013 PDFL season is part of the path that he knows he has to walk.  Patterson or “The Phlea” as he is called is the 2010 PDFL MVP, the 2010 All PDFL Receiver, and the 2010 PDFL CO-Rookie of the Year. All of this is due to his “never give up” attitude and way of looking at the world.

Originally from Long Beach, CA, he played for Lancaster High School (2000 – 2004) as a triple play all-around athlete because of his DB skills and Receiver speed and agility.  In his freshmen year he was the team MVP and was put into the varsity squad to finish out his high school years.  The team didn’t do so great, which made it difficult for Phlea to be recognized, he later played Junior College at Emerald Valley College from 2004-2005.  He got injured and was only able to finish half of the season.  From 2006 – 2007 he played with two semi-pro teams that as he puts it, “they were bad teams, with bad leaders, that didn’t know how to take care of their people”.

At this point, around 2008 Patterson became a father and went towards acting and being an entertainer.  He played some movie roles and even worked and has gotten credit as an Assistant Director.  But the urge to play football was still in him. 

“I was called back to football”, Phlea says.  In 2010, he played for the Seattle-Tacoma Cobras for the first time where he became the 2010 PDFL MVP, the 2010 All PDFL Receiver, and the 2010 PDFL CO-Rookie of the Year.  This occurred even though he began in the middle of the season.  As a Receiver, he got 309yds and 4 touchdowns his longest was for 76yds; on the special teams side as a Punt Receiver he did 9 returns with the longest at 49yds and 1 touchdown; on the Kick Off Return side he did 10 catches for 283yds with the longest at 70yds and 1 touchdown.

In 2011, he took the season off because of family responsibilities and he became a father for the second time.  He filled the time with some more acting and film work.  In 2012, he played for the Nevada Lynx, an American Indoor Football League team, and after only 3 games he was that teams Leading Receiver and made the All Star Team.  Patterson is 27yrs old, 5ft 9in, 170lbs and is driven to prove to the world that college football isn’t everything.

In the end, character and skill is what matters.  Mix that with some passion, zeal, and endurance and you got one hell of a player.  “I want to come back and finish what I started…I’m gonna make some noise”, said Patterson aka the Phlea.



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