There several different types of Fundamentals. There are life Fundamentals, sport specific Fundamentals, Education Fundamentals and more. Most of these Fundamentals are one of the same. In life we must live these fundamentals everyday to be able to achieve our goals & dreams. I will start with the just one of the Life Fundamentals  Work Ethic –  One must have the desire to understand what it takes and how much hard work it is going to take to achieve & be successful in life. Its going to take endless hours and efforts by one self. When you have people telling you its not worth it or you'll never do it.  Which creates doubt. In the current age that we live in its called "Hating". One can achieve anything one puts their mind to and execute the hard work it takes to achieve those goals & dreams. Nothing good or worth having comes easy. So, remember if you want to reach your goals and dreams you must put in the time and effort with the understanding that its not going to be easy and you might get frustrated but one must push on. Have a Great weekend!  Always remembering our for fathers  and on Monday jan. 16th we are celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday!!! A man that epitomizes Work Ethic. He put in endless hours and went through endless frustration to achieve and he let no man or woman stop him from reaching  and achieving. Thank You Martin Luther King Jr for leading by example for people of ALL color,races and nationalities! for that we are deeply in debt to you and all that you have done

Here's my advice, Never let anyone tell you  that you can't achieve, or let anything stop you from reaching & achieving your life goals or dreams! 


Coach Mac


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