SeaTac Cobras Hire William J. McCray As New General Manager

By Worthy Vieth

September 23, 2014

Seattle, WA – After a long search, the SeaTac Cobras has finally found its man. The Cobras hired William McCray on Friday to become the new general manager for the SeaTac Cobras. McCray brings 26 years of coaching and managing experience, McCray played a short stint with the University of Tennessee as a backup Quarterback in the early 1980’s before leaving for the military. From his military and coaching experience William McCray was able to understand that the game of football is 98 percent mental and only 2 percent physical.

McCray’s mindset is all about winning and making sure there is a goal when doing something. McCray said, “You have to win the mental game first, I will beat you at Monopoly, if I need to because I love to win just that much. When you go from Monopoly to the Chess board, I must be 4 plays a head in order to beat you. The first move will determine whether I beat you in 7 plays or 3 plays but the main goal is I will beat you.”

When asked about how McCray will change the culture of the SeaTac Cobras, he said,

“There are 3 opportunities in developing a change of culture of an organization. First, is building integrity, once they can build integrity from within, they will understand that their own flame will begin with them and then they will understand how to be successful. Second, is the deadliest of character, which allows them for them to have a sustainability of growth, and the final one, is unselfishness, sacrificing themselves for a purpose is more important than anything they can gain. So sacrificing for your teammates, in order to be successful is more important for a unit to grow. ”- William McCray

New general manager William McCray specified that the goal this year is to build a developmental league but yet sustaining young men into becoming men within the PDFL and utilizing them as a stepping stone to gain a step towards the NFL.

The SeaTac Cobras will be looking for a great start in the 2015 season. With William McCray becoming the new face of the SeaTac Cobras, he will be looking to finish up their staff in the next couple of weeks and get ready for the upcoming 2015 season.

The Professional Developmental Football League returns to action in 2015. The PDFL is 11-on-11 football played with NFL rules. The league is designed to give athletes, coaches, and executives a platform to display and improve their skills as they pursue professional careers at the next level.

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